July 21, 2009

On To A New Moleskin!




Pen, Colored Ink, Tape, Paper Collage

Red Pages From The Little Green Book

"They made her prostitute/She ate McDonald's all day/She never had a chance to play/Lyla." -CocoRosie

I'll Never Cry For Another Boy

I would like to look more into this topic; young women being forced into prostitution.

These four works were created this past winter. They are overly dramatic, I'm okay with that.

I Laid Down On My Yoga Mat And Cried

How Can You Not

January 1,2009. Thank You Heather.

Resentment Toward Glastonbury (I'm sorry)

I'm glad the red pages are all filled up and on to a better color.

(Evil) Red Paper, Watercolor, Pen, Pencil, Crayon, (Semi) Collage

Last Remains From The Moleskin


Untitled (Study for future mask creating!)

Sleeping With The Windows Open


The FIRST After December 8,2008

Gordon Arnold, You Foreshadowed My Life That Morning

Hanging Out With The Boys



Pen, Ink, Pencil, "THANK YOU!" Sticker







Small bursts of aggression leading up to something bigger.

Paper Collage, Ink, Pencil, Pen, Watercolor, Spitefulness

Untitled 2

One of the pieces shown at the Bear Gallery's Small Work Show this past December. Judith Shimer purchased the other other drawing to this series.

Yellow Paper, Ink, Pen, Pencil


Studies for Rose Olsen.

Ink, Pen, Pencil