November 27, 2011

The latest work. Check it out at UnchARTed

My latest body of work! I've started to take a new direction in my work and I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Bradford's latests paintings!!

Good times at Strange Walks & Gestured Talks


Thanks to everyone who was able to stop on by and say hello to Bradford and I! All of the support and feedback from opening night was much appreciated. And a HUGE thank you to Lindsey Parker. She curated Strange Walks & Gestured Talks, she is the main reason as to why Bradford and I were able to join forces and exhibit our latest body of work.

The show will be up until December 3rd so if you happen to find yourself in downtown Lowell stop on by UnchARTed!
(All photos taken by Bradford Rusick)

November 7, 2011

Sneak Peak Continued

Strange Walks & Gestured Talks_November 18th

(The most embarrassing photo I could find)

A few nights ago Bradford and I spent our time at the infamous Kitty O'shea's, brainstorming for our up coming show! This involved watching the game, drinking a few PBRs, writing out potential show names on index cards and then finalizing our thoughts by rewriting everything on the remaining blank card (a special thank you to Andrew for his English Minor skills).

Here is what we came up with..

Friday, November 18th 6:30pm - 9:00pm

UnchARTed Gallery
126 Merrimack Street
Lowell, MA

Featuring works by Bradford Rusick and Sara Santarsiero, “Strange Walks & Gestured Talks” is an introspective look into accumulated experiences and the deconstruction of the female form. It centers on curiosities within the self, and explores these concepts through painting, collage, and collaborative installation. “Strange Walks & Gestured Talks” is a dialogue about who we are.

We hope to see you there!

My lady collection...SNEAK PEAK

November 5, 2011

Gallery Show this month! Stay in touch.

Bradford and I are going to be in a show together this month! More news to follow.

October 23, 2011

Slowly collecting these things.

I'm slowly creating a collection of these studies for something bigger in the future. I'm not sure what this will turn into but I'm excited nonetheless!

October 9, 2011


I'm looking for artists to submit proposals for installing site specific work into Frame 301! This is an alternative display space located in the heart of downtown Beverly, MA. Each month this storefront window is installed with the work of regional, national and international artists.

At the beginning of November I will be taking over the Frame and would love to have you participate! If you are interested or have further questions please contact me at

October 2, 2011


OCT. 6 - OCT 29

Artists and artist/curators were asked to collaborate on weekly exhibitions and performances that explore identity, ritual and self-made spirituality. Each week of October visitors will be able to experience, consider and give context to contemporary action-based art. This program was also designed to highlight the powerful community of performance artists that reside in the Boston area. By providing students and visitors with a variety of reoccurring experiences with these artists, we hope to offer the regional arts community the opportunity to showcase and promote their work.

Inspired by the 2010 visit to Montserrat by the Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers (GJYD) whose performances straddled the line between ritual and prank, Montserrat Galleries sought out other artists in the Boston area whose work emphasize heightened viewer experience, spirituality and illusion. The themes have grown to include the relationship between self and society, healing, and the transference of energy between people, objects and spaces.

The result is a unique collection of artists who reflect a community dedicated to their practice, and whose actions provoke viewers to consider important questions, such as: What is rational/irrational? What is identity and how is it made? Who do I trust/distrust? Through a series of affective experiences with the featured artists, Montserrat Galleries hopes to increase and enhance a growing audience for performance art in Boston and the North Shore.

A very very special thank you goes out to an amazing young lady, Maggie Cavallo. HOLY GHOST exists because this girl has the heart and spirit to create such an event as this. <3

Large Moleskine Drawings

September 19, 2011

Fall is in the air!

Hello! It's been a little while.

I recently started working at a Whole Foods and honestly I've been pleasantly surprised with the amount of positive energy that circulates within the store. I've been introduced to a wider range of food and now going home and cooking with my two roommates couldn't be better!
(I should mention they are talented artists who also work at Whole Foods).

Family dinner!

Also, please stay in touch.
More news about Frame 301 to come!!

September 2, 2011

My Journey in Costa Rica _ Nicole Santarsiero

My lovely cousin Nicole will be living in Costa Rica for the next year! Here is her blog documenting all of her adventures.
Check it out!

August 7, 2011

Saint of the Mountains (I miss my home)

Saint of the Mountains (I miss my home)
Collage, ink, acrylic, crayon on paper

For Gail

For Gail
Collage & ink on paper


I miss my sisters. They are the greatest. <3

Drawing Studies

I'm not very sure where this is going. We shall see!

Moleskine Drawings from this summer