January 14, 2010

The Origins of Mother Teresa

For those of you who follow my blog or on occasion read it, I thought I would take a brief moment to talk about why I decided on the name Miss Sara Lynn Mother Teresa Santarsiero.

It was my father who decided on my name, Sara Lynn. His last name also being, Santarsiero originates to the Italian meaning, Saint of the Mountain.

My father and my mother were both raised Roman Catholic. That being said, when it was time for me to become an adult in the eyes of the Church (the year I turned 15) I had to take the responsibility of choosing a Saint to honor. Basically,one must pick a Saint and then carry on his or her legacy by adding said name to her own.

The next obvious statement to follow, I decided on Mother Teresa. It was only recently that she was made a Saint. That being said, she was probably the most modern among Saints that I had learned about over the years. She is a truly remarkable woman, having won the Noble Peace Prize back in 1979 and committing her entire life to help others.

I don't considered myself affiliated with the Catholic Church these days but I still hold a special place in my heart for Mother Teresa.

On a side note, the day before my Confirmation my mother told me that when they announce my full name (Saint name included) it would be "Sara Lynn Mother Teresa Santarsiero". I didn't realize they would include "Mother". Clearly this was a good piece of news!

January 6, 2010

First Snow In 2010

The first snow fall of the new year.

(First half of the hour)

Here is a stain painting I have been working on since the summer. I had put it aside for a couple of months and then recently started working on it again right before Thanksgiving. To see the finished piece, please click here.

This painting was then brought home to CT. where I used it for a small performance early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day. Video posting of the performance still to come!

Here we are now, Jan 6, 2010. Three days ago it continued snowing in Beverly Mass so I decided to take the stain painting and place it on top of the snow in my backyard.

These series of photos document the first hour the stain painting was left outside. At this very moment in time the painting is still laying out in the backyard, underneath all of the snow.

(The last half of the hour)

Raw Canvas, Acrylic, Snow

January 5, 2010

Results From Ocean Water Part 2

Raw Canvas, Acrylic, Salt Water, Seaweed, Sand

Results From Ocean Water Part 1

Raw Canvas, Acrylic, Salt Water, Seaweed, Sand

Late Afternoon At The Ocean (Recap)

Here is a small recap.

Three pieces of unstretched canvas moments away from being used in my ocean performance. I ended up losing one of the canvases in the ocean that day.

To visit more photographs from this day please click here.

Weeks following, I left the canvas out to dry on my porch. The canvas is stiff, dried out, salty with bits of seaweed still attached. Oh, they smell horrible!

Raw Canvas, Acrylic, Salt Water, Seaweed, Sand

Happy 2010!

It is a new year! Good bye 2009. You started off on the wrong foot but everything pick up. Here is a list of the 5 best aspects of 2009.(In no particular order)

1. Every day this summer was spent with Hannah, Val, Kevin, Erin, Shane, Roman, Luke, and Mike.

2. MOMS2K9 was established.

3. Co-foster mom to some tiny cats!!

4. Dance Parties

5. My mother spent a full year battling breast cancer and has recently finished her treatments. She is healthier than ever!

Photo of my mother, Nadia