November 15, 2008

Story Book.

How the book is presented as a whole.

He is old and alone. He went out and bought a little pet today. What a fun little pet!

She was once young and entertaining. Now she is ugly and too old to play with. Time to let her go.

She is now replaced with an even younger pet. She is more fun to play with.

But now she too has become old and ugly. Time to get rid of her.

Three young pets! Three new young pets to play with.

Three boring pets. Three old, ugly, boring pets. Time to let them go.

Ah ha! These new pets come as a pair, dressed to play cowboy and native.

Now they are too old to dress up and play.

He is old and tired of buying pets. May they all rest peacefully, finally.

Oh but on this day, this very day, he has come across a little kitten. There there little kitten.

What a sly cat he is, should have taken the kitten from the start.

Menial Envelops, Paper Collage, Watercolor, Ink, Pen, Pencil, Crayon

1 comment:

Len said...

I like the way that you combined different materials, and move from basic photographs to abstract forms. I also like the way you have examined the theme that young = interesting and fun, while old is boring and in need of replacement. In the end, I guess, knowing what we want is the cleaver thing.