October 26, 2009

Late Afternoon At The Ocean

Raw Canvas, Acrylic, The Ocean, My Freezing Cold Body

Various clips from my performance in the sea.
Compliments to Kevin Ilacqua for documenting.


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous. You have a head full of thoughts.

The Measuring of Time in Pages & Ponderings. said...

This is wonderful. Wowza.

Luke Bowen, Beachgoer said...

Sara this reminds me of something but I can't figure out what. It's driving me crazy.

Abigail Carr said...

two things came to mind, painting as a security blanket, and mother mary.

Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

Yes, Abby!

I was actually wearing a necklace my grandparents gave me for First Communion, Mary is in it.

Seamus Stimpson said...

I want to use one of these for album art
maybe more than one
get back to me on that.