January 6, 2010

First Snow In 2010

The first snow fall of the new year.

(First half of the hour)

Here is a stain painting I have been working on since the summer. I had put it aside for a couple of months and then recently started working on it again right before Thanksgiving. To see the finished piece, please click here.

This painting was then brought home to CT. where I used it for a small performance early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day. Video posting of the performance still to come!

Here we are now, Jan 6, 2010. Three days ago it continued snowing in Beverly Mass so I decided to take the stain painting and place it on top of the snow in my backyard.

These series of photos document the first hour the stain painting was left outside. At this very moment in time the painting is still laying out in the backyard, underneath all of the snow.

(The last half of the hour)

Raw Canvas, Acrylic, Snow


Arielle said...

This is beautiful!

Kevin said...

the last picture is really pretty. thats something i would hang on my wall. :)

Abigail Carr said...

i love the last picture. looking at your blog made me inspired to movemovemove and makemakemake, thank you

Marie said...

i like the angle you took the last pictures of both groups from