January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

It is a new year! Good bye 2009. You started off on the wrong foot but everything pick up. Here is a list of the 5 best aspects of 2009.(In no particular order)

1. Every day this summer was spent with Hannah, Val, Kevin, Erin, Shane, Roman, Luke, and Mike.

2. MOMS2K9 was established.

3. Co-foster mom to some tiny cats!!

4. Dance Parties

5. My mother spent a full year battling breast cancer and has recently finished her treatments. She is healthier than ever!

Photo of my mother, Nadia


Aaron M Berger said...

i'm glad you're year ended on a high note. Looking forward to your senior show.

Erin M. McNeill said...


Luke Bowen, Beachgoer said...

summer is coming!

Abigail Carr said...

i miss spring and summer withh you~

Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

Romantic Christmas Rings in 2009!

Amy Chalifoux said...

I'm really happy to hear about your moms health, I know that was hard on you. Love you!