February 13, 2010

Random thoughts.

It has been a while. I am terribly sorry. I'm still making art, I just haven't had time to document my work. A lot of things have been running through my mind recently. I love makings lists so here it is, a list of my thoughts.

1. Today (February 13,2010) feels like Spring. I keep having random flashbacks of various times spent in Waterbury CT. My grandparents live here and have a beautiful backyard. So beautiful you forget you are in the center of a city that is slowly deteriorating.

2. My sister's birthday is tomorrow!

3. I applied to Skowhegan at the very beginning of this month. I find out in April if I got into their summer residence program. Please feel free to click on the link provided, you can get a better idea of what the program entails.

4. I've been thinking a lot about kites and more specifically kites that resemble the sun. This was inspired after watching Black Orpheus, directed by Marcel Camus.

5. I recently saw the movie Coco Before Chanel at the Cabot Cinema. I would highly recommend seeing this movie.

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