March 13, 2010


Montserrat College of Art's Artrageous!24 Benefit Art Auction Will Take Place May1,2010! Please come and support your fellow artists. It will be a grand time!

This year the silent and live auction will be juried by Carey Vose, Martha Richardson, and Zola Solomente.

A special congratulations to Eric Hopkins, this year's Honorary Artist! His piece, Waypoints #2, is featured as the cover art.

Waypoints #2, 2003, oil on linen, 72"x72"

Other artists that will be featured this year:
Live Auction
Tetsuya Kamimura
Norman Laliberte (Personal Favorite!)
Terry Slater
Silent Auction
Lauri Rakoff-Chertok
Thorpe Feidt
Tetsuya Kamimura
Norman Laliberte
Lindsey Mason
Emilee McGlory
Jennifer McGuiness
Michael Meador
Anthony Montuori
Anthony Palocci, Jr.
Yasmin Vazquez

To view the entirety of participating artists, please click here.

I am very happy to say that this year my work will also be featured in Artrageous!24
Live Auction

Fish 3 (Triptych), Watercolor & Mixed Media, 22.5"x39", Value:$600

Silent Auction

For My Sisters, Watercolor, 25"x19", Value:$300


Aaron M Berger said...

thank you for linking...

and oh snap, your work looks beautiful... if only i had 600 dollars to spare...

Abigail Carr said...

uh oh did i miss the deadline? i completely forgot to submit something ): i want to go!! your pieces look great, can't wait to see them!