May 16, 2010


On My Mind

* I am slowly putting together plans for a gallery space that will allow alumni of Montserrat to show and sell their work. Support from all who are interested (even if you are still attending school) is welcomed! Please email me at if you are interested or have questions. MORE INFORMATION AT A LATER DATE.

* I will be graduating from Montserrat College of Art with a BFA in painting and a minor in art history on May 28th! This makes me terrified and overly excited at the same time.

* Find a second job. CHECK. So far Cielito Lindo, a lovely restaurant that offers authentic Mexican cuisine, has been a great working/learning experience.

* Tonight I was walking home with Kevin and we heard one of my neighbors playing the violin. I forgot how much I love listening to the violin.

* Summer is so near. I CAN FEEL IT.


Luke said...

Dear Sara,

I can't wait to eat in your restaurant.


Erik Lomen said...

that sounds dirty


Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

Luke! I highly recommend the enchiladas.

Erik, I think we're hiring your mom to work in the restaurant next week.

Luke said...