October 3, 2010

New York Adventures

This past weekend my days were spent traveling to New York, looking at artwork (Chelsea galleries & the MoMA), walking around the city, and visiting my sister!

My all time favorite was walking through the High Line in Chelsea.
Here is a photo taken by Jonathan Flaum.
(I am currently waiting to devleop the photos I took).
Please visit the High Line webpage to view more photos by Jonathan Flaum and other artists!

Here is a list of various artists that I was able to see. Sadly I did not get to go to as many exhibitions in Chelsea as I would have liked to. But I did enjoy my time at the MoMA.

Worth looking into!
*Kara Walker
*Adrian Piper


Luke said...

Ahh I really want to see the High Line

justin paszul said...

the high line is my favorite park! it is close to where i work and so i went there a lot in the summer in the evenings to read. there are astronomers with telescopes on tuesday evenings.

Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

-Luke, we should take a trip to NY and watch the birds at the High Line.

-Justin, I will have to keep Tuesday evenings in mind next time I'm there. Thank you for letting me know!