October 23, 2010

Yassy Goldie_ Artist Talk

This past artist talk at Montserrat was clearly outstanding. For the many who attended I think you would agree!!

Mr. Yassy Goldie, the one and only representative for Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers (GJYD), works as the figurehead of the group. This way the individual identities of GJYD can remain anonymous. As a collective they created I want to soX yuO!, a site-specific installation currently held in Frame 301.
(The exhibit will be on view until November 5th.)

The installation consists of commercial campaigns for yuO soX within golden television sets, stacked on top of each other. Through truth and satire GJYD is able extend their online presence into the interior and exterior of the gallery.

Bru Jøø, GJYD security guard and one of the GJYDs
(Photo Credit: Tom Maio)

Through guerilla performances GJYD works toward making people aware of social injustices, while at the same time promoting change.

To view GJYD's official site

Can yuO live in a world without the desire for power, position, and/or authority? One does when one does not identify oneself with something greater -Yassy Goldie

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