November 6, 2010

Crane Estate Art Show. What a great day!

This is either a really hilarious photo or an awful coincidence (Crane Estate. Get it?!)
Either way, I'm glad I can be in this photo with good friends.
Today was Crane Estate Art Show/Sale! I had a great time and would like to thank everyone who went, especially Kevin, Mike, Bradford and Arielle.
A special thank you to Justin and Michelle for bringing hot apple cider to the opening!

The Crane Estate is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! The fact that it's open to the public makes taking a trip up to Ipswich completely worth it. Side note,did you know 25% of each sale on artwork from today and tomorrow on will go to help preserving the land at the Estate?!
Congratulations to all the artists.

Here are some photos from today. Enjoy!

Up on Castle Hill

Arielle, Bradford and Kevin!

Various works by Montserrat students and alumni

Mike and Arielle!


Luke said...

Michael! Put your shoes on!

Geeta said...

Those are gorgeous photos... & how did I not know about that beautiful estate!? I feel like I need to head up to Ipswich now just to see it.

Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

Luke: You crack me up!

Geeta: I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! And YES! You need to make a trip up to Ipswich/downtown Beverly so we can get coffee haha.

Yesterday was my first time going to Castle Hill. I'm thinking of making a trip back once it's winter!