December 12, 2010

Adventure to Morocco

This winter I will be taking The Art and Architecture of Morocco Course.

I'm looking forward to this for many reasons.
I've been out of school for about six months and now I'll be able to take part in an art history course with some of my good friends, while visiting different cities in Morocco!

On December 27th I will be departing Boston to Paris and then to Casablanca, where the trip begins.

We will be studying textiles, decorative arts as well as painting and sculpture. The course examines the mixture of African and Islamic influences in desert Kasbahs, Mosques, Palaces and Gardens of the imperial city of Marrakesh.

4 days in Marrakesh
2 days in Telouet
2 days in Anemiter
2 days in Agdz
1 day in M'hamid
3 days in the Sahara Desert
1 final day in Marrakesh
1 final day in Casablanca


Frangipan said...

Gosh this sounds absolutely amazing, you are so lucky. I went to Marrakech for a couple of days in the summer and adored it. I wrote a little something about it here;, but I'm hoping to write more. You definitely must visit Yves Saint Laurent's museum and garden.

Miss Sara Santarsiero said...


Thank you for the link! I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all of the different place you documented.

And yes, I will be visiting Yves Saint Laurent's museum and garden! I am very excited :)

Kevin said...


Len said...

Sounds fantastic!

Johnny said...

I can't believe how awesome that is Sara. I'm really excited for you! And incredibly jealous, haha. Make sure you take lots and lots photos. 3 Days in the Sahara?! That's so cool!

sophia sarno said...

whaaat???? omgosh that is amazingly wondrous... way to make things happen sara.

take way too many pictures please

Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

Thank you!

JW- I still remember the Africa unit they taught us in CI. I can't believe that was over four years ago! haha I hope you are doing well!

Sophie- I miss you!!
I have an old film camera from the 1950's that I'm thinking of bringing, along with my digital camera!

Tom Maio said...

take lots of pictures so i can be jealous
and do some double exposures
and have a good time :)