October 2, 2011


OCT. 6 - OCT 29

Artists and artist/curators were asked to collaborate on weekly exhibitions and performances that explore identity, ritual and self-made spirituality. Each week of October visitors will be able to experience, consider and give context to contemporary action-based art. This program was also designed to highlight the powerful community of performance artists that reside in the Boston area. By providing students and visitors with a variety of reoccurring experiences with these artists, we hope to offer the regional arts community the opportunity to showcase and promote their work.

Inspired by the 2010 visit to Montserrat by the Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers (GJYD) whose performances straddled the line between ritual and prank, Montserrat Galleries sought out other artists in the Boston area whose work emphasize heightened viewer experience, spirituality and illusion. The themes have grown to include the relationship between self and society, healing, and the transference of energy between people, objects and spaces.

The result is a unique collection of artists who reflect a community dedicated to their practice, and whose actions provoke viewers to consider important questions, such as: What is rational/irrational? What is identity and how is it made? Who do I trust/distrust? Through a series of affective experiences with the featured artists, Montserrat Galleries hopes to increase and enhance a growing audience for performance art in Boston and the North Shore.

A very very special thank you goes out to an amazing young lady, Maggie Cavallo. HOLY GHOST exists because this girl has the heart and spirit to create such an event as this. <3

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