April 6, 2011

Prayer Flags For Japan

Here is one of the flags hung up on my bedroom wall!
I will be making another post with a detailed image of each flag.
Keep an eye out!

Prayer Flags For Japan
(Ink, gold spray paint, twigs, string, wax paper, acrylic, collage on paper)
These three works will be on sale at JAPAN QUAKE RELIEF small works and auction show! All proceeds raised will be going to Japan's Red Cross. Don't forget, EMC the global software company will be matching all money raised! Please join us, make art, purchase art, come hangout!


Jenna Lou said...

I love these sara!
I really want to get back in collage and getting messy. =] after I graduate we should have an art party hahaa, where we get together and make stuff. =]

Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

Jenna, thank you. Definitely keep on collaging!